I Went Back to an Old Phone and Here’s What I Learned

Last month my Motorola Droid Turbo 2 inexplicably died on me. It turned off and back on a few times and then just gave up the ghost. Because of the Independence Day holiday, shipping took some time to get a replacement to me. Luckily I had an old Droid Mini that I could use as … Read more

Gear up and Go for Pokemon Go

By now you’ve all probably heard of the Pokemon Go phenomenon. Catching all the Pokemons has become the life quest of phone gamers. Whether you’ve made catching them your quest in life or you are just a casual gamer, you need to get your phone or other devices ready to  spend the day walking around. … Read more

LifeProof’s LifeActiv

Once I switched to my Droid Turbo 2 with the Shatter Shield screen, the only thing left to complete its durability was a LifeProof case to make it water resistant. While I don’t mind big phones in big cases, there are times I miss being able to easily drop the setup into a pouch of … Read more

Gizmo Pal & Gizmo Gadget

When should you get your children phones and what sort of phone should you get them? A few years ago I thought it was the height of ridiculously spoiling you kids to get young children smartphones (though if you want to spoil yourself or your family with the latest phones or tablets I am always … Read more

Three Apps That Actually Pay You Money

Most apps are either free to download, or you have to pay for the app or game. But a few apps have emerged that actually give you money back. They are part of the “gig economy,” things like Uber and Lyft, where you do tasks for a small payment amount. However, unlike something like Uber, … Read more

Protect Your Phone With Gadget Guard Black Ice

In order to best protect your new, cool, and probably expensive new phone, I always recommend a case and a screen protector of some sort. Even the most durable of phone screens, the Motorola Droid Turbo 2, still ought to have a screen protector on it, just in case.   At Wireless World, we recommend … Read more