Connected Devices

Verizon SmartHub

SmartHub gives you reliable high-speed internet, a home phone and smart home management, all in one device. Control your connected devices and smart home accessories on America's most reliable network. The elegant, modern design has an easy-to-use OLED display.

Price : $99.99 with 2yr contract

Verizon HumX

Hum is simple – just plug it in to add connected car features to your drive. Even better, you can easily access Hum features on the go using the Hum App. And with built-in Wi-Fi Hotspot, you can easily connect up to 10 devices, so passengers can stream music, movies and shows.

Price : $49.99 with 2yr contract

Verizon Wireless Home Phone T2000

Keep your home phone, but connect it to Verizon's 4G LTE network, and eliminate your landline bill. The Verizon Wireless Home Phone T2000 provides high-quality, wireless voice service using your existing landline phone. Even keep your existing landline number if you'd like.* See the caller's number on the color display. And the T2000 is compatible with Group 3 fax units.

Price : $19.99 with 2yr contract

Verizon Hum

Shouldn't your car be as smart as everything else in your life? For just $10 per month*, you can set speed and boundary alerts, decode engine lights, and summon help with the push of a button. It is an easy way to get a smarter, safer, more connected car.

Price : $29.99 with 2yr contract

Spartan GoCam

The Spartan GoCam™ wireless outdoor surveillance camera is ideal for hunting and scouting, wildlife research and other surveillance applications. Spartan GoCam captures motion or timer-triggered images, then immediately sends them to your email or to your cell phone as MMS messages. This means you're able to view the pictures right away--not hours or days later. The wireless camera is easy to set up, and the complete water-resistant seal and camouflage design make it perfect for outdoor use. Not only does this camouflaged device send you the images you want, it can also be reprogrammed remotely as your needs change. Just access the GoWireless web portal and mobile app to synchronize camera settings, set delivery options, view and manage photos and more.

Price : $399.99 with 2yr contract

LG GizmoGadget™

Interactive and secure, GizmoGadget by LG keeps you connected with a bright 1.3–inch touchscreen. This wearable allows you to call up to 10 contacts and receive calls from them. Send short messages to GizmoGadget and locate it on a map from your phone. It’s even waterproof.

Price : $149.99 with 2yr contract

LG GizmoPal® 2

The GizmoPal 2 by LG is the checking–in wearable you and your kid can be happy about. Quickly make calls to and from the GizmoPal 2 by programming up to four contacts. Locate it from your phone, so you know where your child is, or get notifications if your child crosses set GPS boundaries. All in a fashionable, waterproof device.

Price : $79.99 with 2yr contract

Verizon LTE Internet and Home Phone

Get internet and home phone service all in one device with the LTE Internet and Home Phone. Whether you need high-speed internet and/or phone connectivity at home or away, this router securely connects multiple devices wherever there is a 4G LTE signal. The LTE Internet and Home Phone device now supports Group 3 fax machines and Contact ID security systems when you subscribe to Verizon's Home 4G Voice feature.

Price : $49.99 with 2yr contract