weBoost Wilson Panel Antenna 800/1900/1700-2100 75 Ohm - F

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Key Features

75 ohm Dual-band wall mount panel antenna for amplifier/repeater systems. Compatible with Cellular, PCS and iDEN (Nextel, Mike). For DT Amplifier (690WI801247) and DB Pro amplifier (690Wi801262).

Weight 20.44732 ounces
Wireless Capability No
Additional Features
Defining Features • Directional antenna • Built-In ground plane • Uses F Type connectors • Designed for fixed (building amplifier) installations • Combines Cellular and PCS1900 frequencies into one indoor antenna • Provides a cost-effective solution for high volume deployments and multiple in-building systems • Unobtrusive - low profile blends easily with internal environment for unobtrusive appearance • Convenient and simple to install