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Tripp Lite USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Active Extension Cable A (M/F)

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Key Features:

Tripp Lite's USB 2.0 Extension Cable is a bus powered extension cable that can be used to increase the length of a device cable without the worry of signal loss and potential performance problems. USB limits a cable's length to 16ft. Any length above 16 feet requires the use of an active cable such as this one. This cable has a signal booster built in. The overall cable length can be extended up to 80ft. by daisy-chaining up to 5 of these active cables.

The USB 2.0 Extension Cable provides up to 150mA of power to the connected device. If your device requires more than 150mA of power, it will either need to have its own power supply or need to be plugged into a powered USB 2.0 hub (such as U222-004-R) that is connected to the extension cable. Use a standard 6' 10' or 15' USB cable to reach the desired distance.


Weight 0.395 ounces
Charging Connection USB
Output Connections USB
Packaging Width 4.5 inches
Packaging Depth 1.25 inches
Packaging Height 4.5 inches